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UK Set For Strong Recovery While Tories Unravel

It was encouraging to see Goldman Sachs predicting the UK economy would grow faster than any other major country next year.

Also today, the International Monetary Fund has warned against the premature withdrawal of the economic stimulus – saying to do so, as the Tories advocates, would wreck the recovery.

It’s also heartening to see how repeatedly, when the Conservatives policies come under the slightest scrutiny, they unravel. They’ve changed their policy on tax and marriage four times in two weeks and it’s still not clear.

Climate change, which David Cameron used as an issue to try to portray himself as modern and moderate – is ranked bottom of their list of priorities by Conservative candidates and a growing number of Conservative politicians are defying Cameron on the issue.Airbrushing his image on Conservative billboards was a blunder too – it feeds an underlying suspicion people have about the Tories that what you see is not what you’ll get.

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