Ben Bradshaw

Working Hard for Exeter

Unemployment Falls

The latest fall in unemployment is encouraging and means the jobless total is nearly half a million lower than was predicted a year ago. 

It is also far lower than in the recessions of the 1990s and 1980s. 

This is as a direct result of Government action – to save the banks and support the economy, but also the targeted schemes to help people who have lost their jobs back into training or work quickly and support particularly aimed at helping young people. 

In the 1980s and 1990s unemployment was considered a “price worth paying” by the then Conservative Government. 

During the global crisis of the last 18 months, Tory politicians have said we should “let the recession take it course” and David Cameron has opposed every single measure the Government has taken that has meant the impact of the global financial crisis on individuals, families and businessses has been far less severe than people feared and far less than in the downturns when the Conservatives were in power. 

Labour needs to constantly remind people of this as well as point out that the measures the Conservatives propose for the future would risk turning the recovery into a devestating “double dip” recession – throwing more people on the dole and costing the country far more in wrecked lives and needless benefits payments in the long run. 

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