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Current Labour Party Policy

Below is a summary of some current Labour Party policy.  More details of some of our key policies can be found here. Our full manifesto can be read online here.

Cost of Living

- Increase the Minimum Wage to at least £8 an hour within one Parliament.
- Companies bidding for Government contracts required to pay the Living Wage.
- Extend free childcare to 25 hours a week for the 3 and 4 year old children of working parents.
- Freeze energy bills and reform the market so it works for consumers.
- Cap rail fare increases and give local government the power to control spiralling bus fares.


- Repeal the Government’s disastrous Health and Social Care Act.
- Invest £2.5 billion from a levy on tobacco companies and a clampdown on tax avoidance to address the NHS funding crisis and help it boost the number of nurses, midwives, care workers and doctors.
- Improve the early diagnosis of cancer by ensuring people get their tests and results within a week.
- Full integration of health and social care.

Housing and local Government

- Devolve power and resources in England bringing power closer to local people.
- Build 200,000 homes a year by 2020.
- Reform planning laws to end the building free for all in and around cites like Exeter.
- Repeal the bedroom tax.
- Three or five-year budgets for local councils, so councils can plan long term.

Jobs, growth and supporting business

- Compulsory Jobs Guarantee – a paid job for unemployed young people and the long-term unemployed that they have to take or lose benefits. Funded through a bankers’ bonus tax.
- Cut and then freeze business rates.
- Deliver equal rights for the self-employed in Britain.
- Only allocate major Government contracts to companies with apprenticeships.
- We will not risk jobs and investment in the UK by flirting with leaving the EU. We’ll support our continued membership of a reformed EU.

Fairer taxes

- A levy on homes above £2 million.
- Re-instating the 50p tax bracket for earnings over £150,000 a year.
- Lower 10p starting rate of tax to cut taxes for 24 million working people.
- Reform executive bonuses including requiring payments to be approved by 75% of shareholders.
- Clamp down on tax avoidance including tax loopholes by the hedge funds to raise over £1 billion.

Schools and families

- Ensure all teachers in publicly funded schools are properly qualified.
- More breakfast and after-school clubs to help working parents.
- Keep AS-levels, which evidence shows help social mobility.

Environment and Energy

- Support a binding CO2 reduction target removing all carbon from our electricity by 2030.
- Restore political support for renewable energy.
- More support for walking and cycling.
- Provide support for Green Investment Bank.
- Insulate 5 million homes over the next ten years.
- Protect our seas with a network of Marine Conservation Zones.
- Ensure Britain meets EU air quality standards – currently badly missed under this Government.

Political Reform

- Complete reform of the House of Lords as part of a major package of constitutional reform, establishing an elected senate with senators from the English regions.
- Establish a constitutional convention to agree further political reform including the issue of English votes on English laws
- Extend the franchise to 16 and 17 year olds.
- Legislate for the power for the public to “recall” (sack) their MP if they have misbehaved or neglected their constituents.

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