Ben Bradshaw

Working Hard for Exeter

Equal Marriage Debate

Yesterday the Commons considered several amendments to the Equal Marriage Bill. Several opponents of the bill had argued that the bill would cause problems for some teachers and schools, I spoke to point out that the Government’s Education Secretary had previously said he would not have supported the bill if it had posed any threat to freedom of speech for teachers.


Mr Bradshaw: Why does the hon. Gentleman doubt the word of the man who is often described as the darling of the Conservative right—the Education Secretary—on this very matter?

Mr Bradshaw: Does my hon. Friend share my surprise that some Government Members do not seem to believe the Education Secretary who, in clear evidence about freedom of speech for teachers, said:

“If I thought any legislation, however well intentioned, would make life more difficult for great teachers and great schools, I wouldn’t support it. I have complete confidence in the protection our law offers freedom of conscience and speech.”?

He said that no change to the proposed legislation was necessary.

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